czwartek, 19 lipca 2012

Fantasy Shopping: The New Season

Even though I still haven't decided what kind of girl would I like to become when the new season approaches, there are definitely some pieces I can see myself rocking this fall. Well, everyone knows that in terms of fashion, it's just never too early to plan ahead! 
1. Beige Tweed Contrast Sleeve Coat - Warehouse/ 2. Suede Lace-up Ankle Boots - Tod's/ 3. Raspberry Inset Collar Top - Dorothy Perkins/ 4. Gold Jacquard Mini Skirt - Topshop/ 5. Lace T-Shirt - MANGO/ 6. Stone Lurex Curve Hem Sweater - Wallis/ 7. Biker Bouclé Jacket - MANGO/ 8. Black and White Boucle Dress - Miss Selfridge/ 9. Snake Metal Buckle Belt - Warehouse/ 10. Bayswater Textured-leather Bag - Mulberry/ 11. Pleated Leather Skirt - Burberry Brit/ 12. Leather Ankle Boots - MANGO

poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2012

The Power

If there's any woman in the world still not convinced by the ultimate power of accessorizing, then I'd strongly advise her to take a proper look at the pictures below. I believe we're all agreed that without some vintage-inspired pieces applied all over, this nude outfit would surely be devoid of any zest... Nods of approval? Thought so!

Leather Clutch - Fossil/ Top & Leather Belt - Zara/ Nude Pants - Massimo Dutti/ Shades - New Yorker




niedziela, 10 czerwca 2012

Make it quick!

As a result of my recent transition into an employed woman, I seem to be missing out on the fun activities which used to absorb me on regular basis. It has, in particular, saddened me to realize that those precious moments, when I could leisurely wander around the kitchen, would now be reserved for the weekends only... Considering all other things I have to take care of over the two short days, I'm actually left with an amount of time sufficient for trying out some really quick recipes, like this classic Caprese Salad. The funny thing is that, after being focused mainly on culinary challenges for so long, nowadays I just can't believe how tasty can be a combination of three simple ingredients!


Insalata Caprese:

3 vine-ripe tomatoes, cut into thick slices
250g fresh mozzarella, sliced
a bunch of fresh basil leaves
Extra-virgin olive oil
Coarse salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Arrange alternating slices of tomatoes and mozzarella on a large, shallow platter. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle with some olive oil. Scatter the basil leaves all over the ready salad. Serve immediately with a thick slice of rustic style bread!


czwartek, 31 maja 2012

Turn back time: Swimwear through the decades

Despite the fact that it demands very little material, the swimsuit has long been a prominent part of summer fashion. Even during the roaring 1920s, women were daring to show off their figures in the swimsuit trends of the moment. In the 50s, Marilyn Monroe boosted her status as a sex symbol with her beach fashion choices – her iconic white swimsuit look perfectly complementing her famous curves and blonde bombshell hair-do. Fast forward to all the kitsch of the 80s, when the bikini line just kept getting higher and higher. It was a look that certainly required more brutal waxing techniques than ever before! Worn by the stars of classic 80s shows like Miami Vice and the hottest supermodel of the time Elle Macpherson, it was a more risky take on swimwear fashion. The high leg trend continued into the 1990s thanks to the hit US TV series Baywatch. Who can forget those opening sequences featuring Pamela Anderson and the rest of the cast decked out in red?


In a celebration of all that’s great about swimwear, the Resort collection at Very features a diverse range of styles inspired by different eras. However, in addition for 2012, this year’s Very Swimsuits have also been designed with the latest trends in mind. The floral print reigns supreme, but there are also more classic choices perfect for a swim at the gym or relaxation session in the jacuzzi.


sobota, 26 maja 2012

Around the world

Ever since my first foreign trip, I seem to have regularly fantasized about various places I'd be excited to call home one day. All that temporary fascination with faraway towns and cities was always, in a great measure, brought about by movie premieres of the season. No wonder there was the time when I imagined myself pacing the streets of New York like Carrie Bradshaw, or simply tasting a home-made olive oil under the Tuscan sun. Not to mention the unusual Berlin phase, right after I'd developed a serious crush on one of the German film actors... But if I was to take another pick these days, not only would it be free of any cinematographic connotations, but also in perfect keeping with my current sartorial cravings... And in that case, I'm pretty sure Los Angeles and Miami are the only right spots to show off a whopping sequin obsession!

Sequined Top - Dorothy Perkins/ Waxed-Effect Trousers - Zara/ Shoes - Halle Berry for 5th Avenue/ Leather Clutch - Vintage


piątek, 18 maja 2012

Fantasy Shopping: Yellow

In my fashion-dreams, I'm always the kind of girl whose complexion is unconditionally loved by the entire range of bright colours. In reality, though, I'm on the never-ending hunt for at least one shade that won't make me look ridiculous... So could yellow be a right match for me? Fingers crossed!
1. Yellow Cornelli Collar Dress - Miss Selfridge/ 2. XL Clutch - Zara/ 3. HAWLEY Suede Espadrille Wedges - ASOS/ 4. Lemon Daisy Lace Tee - Dorothy Perkins/ 5. Sleeveless Blouse - Oasis/ 6. Bag - H&M/ 7. Linen Dress - Mango/ 8. Drawstring Skirt - Topshop/ 9. Double Breasted Tweed Blazer - Girl.By Band Of Outsiders/ 10. The Legging Neon Yellow - Rag & Bone