czwartek, 26 kwietnia 2012

Just in case

With my 27th birthday approaching at the speed of sound, I just couldn't resist sharing a list of goodies that I'm secretly hoping to receive next Thursday. I suppose it's not illegal to give a  tiny hint to your friends and family, just in case they're still wondering what would actually make you more than happy...

1. Sweet Splendor Bowl Set - available at Ruche, these ceramic beauties would be a perfect addition to my modest collection of cutesy kitchenware..// 2. Nails in Causing a Stir - Topshop// 3.Celebrating that special day without a giant cake? NO WAY!// 4. Grey Marl Kitten T-shirt from Dorothy Perkins... because there's a cat on it..enough said!// 5. Two tone heels have been on my fashion radar for longer than it's even appropriate to admit...// 6. Lemon Broderie Shirt by Miss Selfridge.. just imagine it with a pair of high-waisted pants!// 7. White Wrap Strap Bracelet Watch - Oasis// 8. Leopard Print Shades - Zara// 9. Even though I'm already a lucky mother of three adorable kittens, a part of me can't help thinking how nice it would be to extend our family just one more time...!// 10. I'm dying for a weekend trip to one of the European cities, seriously, any will do!

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  1. oh that pup! how cute..., love the nail color and the cake. You should go to Berlin!!! :)
    xx Nora

  2. the pug! ♥
    I also have cats but I'd love to have a bulldog or pug! ♥
    love the glasses!

  3. These are from "5th Avenue by Halle Berry" collection designed for Deichmann... :o)

  4. oh the puppy is so cute. The list is adorable! I follow you now (:

  5. perfect heels!

  6. beautiful wishlist ! hope you get one of these things !

  7. I want this dog tooooooo! So cute!

    Check my new post

  8. I hope for you !:)

    With love,Mia

  9. Great nail polish color!
    Sara C.

  10. Really nice Blogspost! :)
    Do YOU like Falken Drift? Let me know ;)

  11. wow! love it!
    Following you now! like to follow back?
    that would be great!


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