czwartek, 28 lipca 2011

Fantasy Shoppping: Pre-Fall Collections

Some will say "it's too early", some will say "right on time"... But whatever your opinion, I really can't ignore the fact of pre-fall collections hitting my favourite online shops on a daily basis! And let me  just confess that those brand new pieces have already got my mind buzzing with zillions of fresh outfit ideas...


1. Fawn Black Sophie Transparent Stripe Blouse - Equipment
2. Savane Leopard-print Wool-blend sweater - Sandro
3. Burnt Orange Crepe De Chine Peter Pan Blouse - See by Chloé
4. Relxaed-fit Openwork Knitted Sweater - Mango*
5. Cowboy Blue Flare Jeans - Current/Elliott
6. Skirt - H&M
7. Leather Short Skirt - Mango
8. Rusty Floral Tea Dress - Warehouse
9. Dress - H&M
10. Pink 60's Box Print Dress - M Missoni
11. Black Caeasar Knee High Boots - ACNE
12. Giraffe Leopard Print Suede Court Shoes - Topshop
13. Tassel Suede Wedge Shoe Boots - ASOS
14. Jive Black Patent Toe Stack Heel Pumps - Topshop*
15. Leather 70's Shopper - ASOS
16. Ocelot Pochette - D&G
17. Shoulder Bag with Double Buckle - Zara
18. Smooth Leather Bridle Hobo Bag - Burberry
19.  Bright Red Skinny 60's Brit Leather Belt - Oasis

*Already managed to snap these up! 

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  1. Oh lord can I PLEASE have number 7? The rest is all for you ^_^ Haha! Thanks for ur sweet comment dear!


  2. I love when fall starts to arrive!
    Great selections...I'll take 6, 10 and 18 please!

  3. Oh great and I wanted to make exactly the same post with some stuff I'd like to buy for the upcomming fall/winter season! :)

  4. Awesome picks! Loving specially the bag section!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Hi dear. I've just discovered your blog... I was looking some of your posts.. you are a beautiful girl with a very good sense of style! And your blog is so inspirational... It's a very nice selection! I like so much your blog. I'm following you, I hope you follow me back... Kisses


  6. Lovely picks! I love everything you chose!

  7. n°1 with 7 are gorgeous!

  8. Great list! Nice blog! :))

  9. I can't wait for fall fashion - I just that it means the end of summer! : (

  10. Great selection..i love fall :D
    nice blog...come to see mine if u want

    do u wanna follow each other?

  11. Hi, your blog is so fantastic!

    I follow you and i wait you on my blog :D

    Kisses Andy

  12. love the green bag from Zara!

  13. 3, 6, 8, 17 <3 <3 <3 Love these items! Just found your blog and I'm lovin' it! Great photos. :)

  14. Loving that green Zara bag! I've heard green is going to be the color of the season!


  15. Nice job!

    XO Charlotte

  16. oh! I'm for "too early"..I'm still working :( and looking forward to go on Holidays! Btw I'm totally in love with the yellow dress by H&M!! :)

  17. Love 9. and 11.
    Great post. You make me want so new things.
    Nice day!

    Nicollette from:

  18. It's never too early to start planning your wardrobe for the new season.

    Love the red Mango knit :)

    Miri's Castle

  19. great post!I won't say: "just in time" but "a nice preview!":)
    I like your blog and your style in wearing of the older posts!
    Follow each other??
    I wait u on mine!
    kiss from Milan!

    Patchwork à Porter

  20. Love the asos leather shopper a lot! :D

    Want to follow each other? :)

  21. The boots are amazing!!! love them!

    new post: click here
    follow me

  22. Great picks! Treat yourself to at least one :)

    xo Ashleigh

  23. I love the leather skirt, is amazing!

  24. Oh I love these pieces!!:D They look fabulous:D

    Stop by some time:D


  25. I love 4, 8, 9, 12 and 16. But all other pieces look stylish too.

  26. Nice blog, so if you want we can follow each other ;)

  27. I don't think it is too early to purchase for fall! I actually started back in June when I purchased my Dolce and Gabbana Calfhair Peep toe pumps! I am loving the red skirt you pictured up above in your collage as well as the green handbag! Hope you'll stop by and perhaps we can follow each other?

  28. Just on time! Number 13 is my favorite; love the color, love the tassels, love the.. love everything! Great blog by the way.

  29. Oh my gosh, I will take one of each please!! I can't even pick a favorite, but the red mango sweater, the d&g leopard clutch, the orange skirt and the striped equipment blouse are just seriously perfection!

  30. Nice post and wonderful clothes!!!!!Why don't u follow me? I'll do the same


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